Thursday, August 25, 2005

Memory Lane

Was taking a trip down memory lane with my Peace Boat experience so I thought I'd post a link so you can share it again too if you're interested.

My First Album

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

SMOKEY Malaysia!

In KL right now you can barely see in front of you face because it's SO SMOKEY!!! There seems to be some slashing and burning going on in West Indonesia which is causing mega smoke problems here. Some sort of politically motivated hush has been put on the press and they're not publishing the air-chemcial content so now the NGO's have started to get noisy.
Even the hotel is full of smoke. It's horrid so we have to wear masks. We all speak with husky voices and cough a lot like we've been in a night club for too long. Lets hope the situation gets better soon.

Other than the smoke everything here is good. We're doing a heap of oil and gas interviews right now and I'm finding the industry quite interesting. Justin and I have a new trainee who's name is Alina. The three of us are celebrating Justin's birthday this weekend with a day trip to Malaka which is a pituresque colonial town 2 hours from KL. Of course there will be a night of insane drinking on both ends of the day trip because no night out in KL is had without it!


Friday, July 15, 2005


Hello everyone! I'm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now for my latest investment project. We've been here 2 weeks now and it's been a whirlwind of meetings, humid weather, work, and 18 hour days. My new partner is Justin Kays from the States and we're really working well together. We're taking Kuala Lumpur by storm....last weekend we met the King and Queen of Malaysia! Hope you enjoy the two pics....the one is of the King I's waists! You can imagine my extreme disgust when I looked at the picture after it was taken, only to find that it didn't turn out. Oh well... now I have even more quirky stories to tell!
We'll be here for the next 4-5 months and doing a bit of regional travelling to Singapore, Brunei and Borneo. Already it's a facinating project as there's so much potential for Malaysia on the international scene.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Is this is the Apprentice??

Ok, for the first 2 weeks of training I definitely thought we were being filmed. We trained in a board room and people were continuously sent home/fired. Did I mention 13 of us all lived together, ate together and competed with each other? Right. The training was very similar to a reality TV show. 13 of us stayed in a lovely, Belgian-style townhouse next to the head training office. The excitement built as our "competitors" arrived in small groups from all over Europe: 4 Canadians, 1 Austrian, 3 Irish, 2 French, 2 British and 1 Slovakian. Us Canucks arrived early and with no sleep, but nonetheless we kicked up some energy and went exploring in Brussels. It's a very beautiful city with an incredible amount of amazing restaurants and bars. Have I mentioned the beer yet...?? Oh my! I highly recommend a beer called DUVEL, 8%.
The first week of training consisted of continuous lectures resulting in a majour overload of info combined with jet lag and competitive excitement. We did tons of role plays, presentations, control exercises, and finally a mock interview/sales meeting. On thursday afternoon I was paired with a Brit and we had the night to prepare for our meeting, selling to an Indonesian hotel post-Tusnami. At about 4am I was pacing the street in front of the house trying to get all my facts down and my presentation professional. You try saying the President's name correctly! Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Anyhoo, the presentation went extremely well despite my nerves of presenting to the company president. I have to take this chance to say how incredible our CEO is, Mr. Thieu Cuypers. He's got so much energy and charisma! Thieu was in and out for the full course of our training and his presence always brought incredible energy and motivation. That first friday afternoon of training, was our first "cut". We were called one at a time into the boardroom and told to either to pack and leave, or invited to the next week of training. I got rave reviews and was of course asked to continue. Two guys were sent home sadly enough. The 11 remaining made up for a week of craziness by drinking obsene amounts of Belgian beer, tequilla shots and other strange brews until about 8am the next morning. Scandalous!
The second week was more intense with heightened competition.
sorry the driver is here to take us home...
To be continued...
Love Kristin

Monday, January 10, 2005

Here we go again....!

I'm off again to see the world...
Well everyone, it's been an amazing 6 months back in Canada. I've had a good amount of time to get some perspective on my life as I know it. This year is definitely a career year for me and I look forward to developing my "hard skills" while at the same time partying it up European style. The next 6 months are going to be exceptionally busy so please excuse any lack of contact. Hence the reason I've begun this blog-thing; yet another new way of sharing my crazy life. I'll do my best to upkeep this page and keep you all informed. In the meantime, keep in touch my friends and visit me wherever I am!
Love Kristin